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Form/Label Combinations

What is a "form/label combination"?
As the name implies, a form/label combination is actually 2 or more forms in 1. An adhesive label is integrated into a multi-part or single sheet form resulting in a single unit for computerized processing.

The primary benefit of a form/label construction is the elimination of errors and reduction of labor costs.

What are some additional benefits of form/label combinations?
Reduces Processing Time – The form/label product requires one pass through the printer to process the form, thus saving printer time. Having the form and label processed together eliminates the time lost in matching them up after they are printed.

Increases Accuracy in Handling and Distribution of Forms and Labels – Having the forms and labels printed in one pass and having them together reduces the chance for errors in processing them.

Can Save on Total Forms Cost – When all costs, "purchasing, shipping, handling, processing and distribution of forms" are considered, there are significant savings compared to ordering forms and labels separately.

Improves Inventory Control – The need to order and stock two different products is eliminated. The form/label will also eliminate potential imbalance in inventory levels between the forms and the labels when they are ordered separately.

For more information on how integrated forms/labels can help improve your bottom line, contact us today. We look forward to serving you!